Thursday, November 03, 2005

welcome to spit up slendor

welcome, this blog is for those that are interested in the trials and tribulations of a new mom, and how i am managing through the ultimate challenge ... motherhood! okay, i must also give credit to my dearest eric ... my husband is incredible (he seriously looks like a skinny Mr. Incredible from the movie "The Incredibles"!), and is an amazing father to our son.

i will be honest, and share what has and has not worked for eric and i with our new son, jack. we thought we were prepared for the birth of jack in june 2005. i had read so many books, and shared with eric as much as possible, so it was a joint effort once baby arrived, and he knew what i was going through. i even shared the really gross stuff that most women don't tell their husbands. i think with advance notice, the gross factor goes way down, and afterall we made this baby together!

well, it was all of a sudden d-day and let's just say by the time our families had come and gone, and jack was 6 weeks old ... he was crying (again!), and we are looking at each other like "what do we do now?". thanks to the internet, my sister, and all those books we have slowly been able to figure it out! my personal favorite ... Mayo Clinic Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby's First Year. guess who gave me that one? my sister.

you will see that i reference my sister a lot. i trust her, that's why. she is an incredible woman and mother. she is more experienced in motherhood by only 15-months, but wow, the amount of knowledge you get in that short amount of time is invaluable.

please enjoy. someday i may put this all into a book. i will be the first to admit that i needed (and still do need) a book to tell me what to do every hour on the hour ... this parenthood thing is totally intimidating, and it doesn't seem to get that much easier the older my baby gets!

i am also interested in what is or is not working for others ... however, opinions, especially negative ones, should be used sparingly ... especially if you know that i will not agree!


Blogger iowa city chick said...

great idea! as your sister, and #1 fan, i know you too will have a lot of life lessons to share as jack grows!

i will need all the help i can get with #2 on the way.

10:10 AM CST  
Blogger Julie said...

Well, what a nice blog site! I must say, motherhood is never how we think it'll be. Our parents/guardians put on their game faces all the time. My daughter will soon be 10 months old and she's soooo different than when she was 7 months old.

I'd have to say that we were pretty lucky with her. She's pretty easy going, though she has her moments and I make sure I don't run to her every cry. She's in the stage where she's learning to get what she wants and I don't want her to cry for things.

When she was immobile and there were times she was fussy, we would shush loudly in her ear and rock her slightly. Usually the shushing did the trick on it's own. Now shushing doesn't do very much, so if I know that she's fed, dry, and it's about nap or bed time, I just lay her in her crib and either immediatly or in about 5 - 10 minutes, she'll go to sleep.

1:24 PM CST  
Blogger Julie said...

oh forgot to add...I only hope our second child which is due May 18, 2006 is as easy as Jessica was. I think I need to eat more chocolate for that to happen. ;)

1:26 PM CST  

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