Sunday, November 06, 2005

peas & carrots

peas & carrots ... the beginning of colorful diapers!

my pediatrician told me at jack's 4-month appointment that we could give him rice cereal until 6-months, and then we would chat at that time about moving on to other solid foods. i know that dr. beth knows a lot, but i am the one raising this baby. i think if a mom is comfortable, and uses common sense and reason, she should do what she feel’s is best for her baby. i am in no rush to have my baby grow up, but i want to make sure he is getting what he needs. we also had no other issues, i.e. sleeping through the night, growth, etc.

so, we started jack on rice cereal on his 4-month birthday, and it was fun! he was a natural with the spoon, and most of it was actually swallowed. we then went on to oatmeal after a week, and then went back and forth for a while. As the cereal is a lot for practice, and he was so good at it, we decided that he was ready to move on, and then my sister agreed! done deal, we are on to our veggies!

there is so much information out there on when and what to feed your baby in the beginning. the outline i found i liked best was at a website for
stonybrook university hospital out of new york. i found their link after several google searches. all information like this can be considered controversial, and some of it may even be considered “wrong”. i, however, felt comfortable with this information, and will use it with other sources. isn't the internet a beautiful thing?!

i have also purchased the
On Becoming Baby Wise II. it has some good information, but if you don’t have it, i would not go out and by it. it is basically common sense, and reiterates what is already stated in the first book.

now, it is just when to start finger foods? i have a strong feeling that will be a lot easier!

Helpful links:
Stonybrook University Hospital Guidelines for feeding solid foods


happy healthy eating!


Blogger Chris said...

Welcome to the world of solid foods! Have fun and take lots of pictures! Oh, the Gerber Wagon Wheels do not contain wheat. I think I yelled out in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store when I read the label.

10:43 PM CST  
Blogger iowa city chick said...

Colorful diapers are fun!

Finger foods are probably a few months down the line, but Jack is sooo advanced. :) It's more fun to watch them try to master the pincer grasp...I see the fruit puff, I want to pick it up, I am chasing it around my tray. Oh heck, if I have a wet finger it will stick!

12:57 PM CST  

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