Monday, November 07, 2005

i am erin

i am the mom of the most charming little boy named jack anthony. i had a c-section and would recommend it to anyone. i will have all of my children by c-section or by adoption. i did not breastfeed because i never wanted to, but respect those who do choose to breastfeed. i am confident with the decisions i have made in my few months of motherhood, but realize i may screw-up at anytime. i am struggling with my weight, yet i feel healthier than ever before. i do not feel guilty about wanting time alone, or just with my husband. i think daycare is a wonderful thing. i admire pregnant women or women with a child (or children) that have a 2nd job outside of the home. someday, i will also have a 2nd job outside of the home ... for me.

i know i am a good mom because i was raised by a good mom. she is now a good grandma.

i am also a good wife, sister, daughter and friend. i was once a good employee. i am flawed in every aspect of my life, and it works because i am happy, and so are my husband and son. i am fun-loving, loyal and consistent. the fact that i grew up in the mid-west is tattooed on my forehead in some sort of invisible ink. i love people. i need a challenge everyday. i am horrible at remembering to put gas in my car or to get an oil change. i am getting better about remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates. i spend $$$ really well. i have dreams, and believe they do come true. i love aveda products, the internet, reading, organizing my closets, cupboards and drawers. sometimes i pee when i laugh. i love food, coors light, cigarettes and good conversation. it would be difficult for me to start my day without the today show. i enjoy dr. phil. what did i do before reality tv? it is time to watch the view. i am erin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the worst advice I got while I was pregnant was, "eat whatever you want, it all comes off!" 15 months after baby, I'm still struggling. Motherhood is the best/most challenging thing that I've ever experienced. I wouldn't change it for the world, but I would probably have exercised during my pregnancy and eaten less ice cream! Lesson learned.

9:18 AM CST  
Blogger iowa city chick said...

you are all of those things and many more. what makes you even more loveable, respectable, admirable and enjoyable is that you are real. you don't apologize as you shouldn't. jack is lucky to have you and eric.

amen to the weight issues. we are women. our bodies are wonderful. you look gorgeous and you glow with that baby boy in your arms. we have a lifetime of raising the babies we create to skip meals and regain our figures. for now, it's all aboout feeling good.

1:02 PM CST  
Anonymous jessica said...

Erin, I love the true honesty & realness of this post. You are not afraid to put out there the many things you are good at...too many women downplay their attributes and sucesses!

The sometimes peeing when you laugh... so funny! Me too, but more times when I sneeze. Which only worries me about being pregnant one day. I will probably just lose it all in the middle of the grocery store and laugh/cry wondering what to do!

9:10 AM CST  

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