Wednesday, November 09, 2005

favorite baby clicks

baby burps, taggies and blankets by - handmade in iowa
dr. brown's bottles - jack preferred the wide neck version
gerber gas relief drops - babies are never too young for gas drops!
zooper highchair ... it is functional and still looks cool without being cheesey
baby bjorn front carrier
sassy baby ribbon rascals - jack's favorite toy - it is worth it to join, and get into baby center plus
teaching your baby sign? this is the dvd we are going to try ... (
click here)
the buggy bagg - it fits in shopping carts, highchairs, etc.
the GREATEST kids clothes @
BabyStyle - the staples for every cool baby & mom
PokkaDots - adorable items
TuttiBella - great items, even better SALE rack


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh good ones!

Yes, I think pKaty has the best stuff too! And did you know that it's handmade with love by a stay at home mom? Even better! She lets you customize your items to suit your baby's personality or your style!


10:23 PM CST  

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