Friday, November 18, 2005


yellow. green. mushy. slick. BOOGERS! as adults we love to pick ‘em., usually in the car when we think NO ONE else can see us … hahaha! how many people have you busted?! now, think of the poor babes who cannot pick their own.

i have to admit that it is so much fun to suck those little (or sometimes big) boogers from jack’s sweet little nose. it all starts as a game, and he likes to try “get” the bulb syringe (with his mouth open like he is going to eat it). hence the word “try” … nasty … of course, being the “germ freak” type person i am i would never let him! he loves to get “unplugged” unless it is all happening at 2 am and he isn’t even awake, but the gasps for air over the monitor make me nervous and i get to work!

jack is on cold #2 of the season, and it isn’t as gross as #1, but my goodness! we have learned a thing or two since #1 a couple of months ago. thank you to the dear auntie, who has recommended johnson’s vapor lotion and vapor bath … it even makes me feel better. jack’s crib mattress is at a scary 45 degree angle. i may have gone a bit overboard with “elevate his head” advice, but at least it has stopped the mid-night scootchin’ to the corner of the crib to get stuck!

babycenter (BC) plus says that babies get 4-10 colds in their first year, even if they are not in daycare. so, it looks like we are in for a long “season”.

colds are a hot topic for most new mom’s, especially for those who are involved with a play group. i say … if your babe does not have a fever and the boogs aren’t green, go! you could be held hostage in your own home for months, and who wants that?! if you are really pondering the “do i or don’t i” … don’t. stay home, snuggle on the couch and make some chicken soup. open your windows for a moment though … let some fresh air in and let the boogers out. i also take the necessary precautions to avoid picking up critters or passing them to others by:

1. washing my hands before picking up jack after being out of the house, using the restroom, changing a diaper, etc. i make eric wash his hands when he gets home from work before picking up jack.

2. keeping waterless anti-bacterial handwash in every diaper bag and purse, and use it often.

3. using my buggy bagg when using shopping carts and highchairs

4. avoid touching jack’s hands when we are out, and letting him touch anything other than HIS toys (unless we are at someone's home). this is because his hands then go directly into his own mouth.

we can’t always win against boogers, but we can put up a good fight. until #3 arrives, we will continue to suck ‘em, and hope jack feels better soon. too bad he is too young for chicken soup or hot chocolate with marshmallows. who between eric and i will be the first to “catch” jack’s cold? my bet is eric.


Blogger iowa city chick said...

Great advice! I would love to see little Jack sleeping at his 45 degree angle. Cute.

I always catch people picking! I never do that though. ;)

9:04 PM CST  
Blogger epotts said...

okay, so it isn't 45 degrees ... It is funny, sometimes he rolls to the bottom and that is where we find him in the morning! It is cute.

Hahaha! Whatever ... I see you picking you nose all of the time!

2:00 PM CST  

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