Tuesday, January 17, 2006

god help us

does going to church make you a better person? does being religious make you a better person? a person's relationship with god or whatever they believe in is very personal. as my husband says, "church is a place for community", and i choose to find my "community" in other places. i am not a fan of "organized religion".

i am not a religious person. i am more of a spiritual person, that happens to believe in god and pray everyday. religion should not define a person. i think it is inappropriate when people "push" their religion on others. i have lived in the "bible buckle" and know what pushing means. i also think that there are people who use religion to cover up dark secrets, no, i am not talking about priests.

i was raised catholic, went to a catholic high school and have gone through 5 of the 7 sacraments. i have not been to church on a regular basis since high school. i have attended mass since then, but have wanted to walk out on several occasions because i disagreed so strongly with what was being said. i did not walk out or stand up, yell "bullshit", and challenge the preist to a verbal sparing match since neither option seemed appropriate. i was once told by a priest that it was okay to disagree with the church, but i could not make my opinion public ... whatever!

eric and i are now at the point in our lives when we have to make a decision on how to raise our child, and future children. do you have a child baptized because it will make your family happy? in our case, yes. however, if i found that perfect church tomorrow ... we would be there instead.

while we are raising our children, we may go to church once in a while. we will be accepting of all religions, cultures, and lifestyles. i will teach them to have love in their heart. the word hate will not be tolerated (i would prefer the word fuck). i will make sure they are educated, and let them form their own opinions about religion. as they mature and become educated they can become jewish, protestant, or whatever they want ... even baptist if that is what is best for them. i will make a promise here and now to never let them know how much the baptist religion freaks me out. my apologies to my baptist friends.