Sunday, November 27, 2005

¡hola! ¿cómo estás?

¡hola! ¿cómo estás? ... that is the beginning of my very little knowledge of espanol.

i once worked with a man from mexico. he was a physical education teacher in mexico, and when he came to the US he was a hotel housekeeper ... WTF? we were "smoking buddies" for the most part. my buddy spoke no english, and i spoke well ... not enough spanish to have a conversation. so we smiled and nodded until one day he showed me that he was able to read and write english fluently. how cool! so, from the point forward we would write on a napkin back and forth during our smoke breaks. usually just a simple conversation, and i would proudly say "adiós" as we parted. he was such a sweet man, i wonder where he is today?
i really wish i could speak a second language fluently, and preferably spanish. it seems to make the most sense, and not just because i live in texas.

did you know??? spanish is the third most spoken language on the planet. it is spoken as a first language by about 352 million people, or by 417 million including non-native speakers (according to 1999 estimates). the majority of Spanish speakers live in latin america. This was copied word for word from
Fixed Reference, check it out ... it's a cool site too.

so you have to know some espanol for this not-so-new phenomenon, but apparently it is becoming all the rage, especially for medical students ... hiring women from mexico to be a suggorgate mother. apparently, the women from mexico agree to ridiculously low wages to sacrafice their bodies and bring sweet bebés to the world. most are afraid of an epidural and deliver el'natural. all so the soon-to-be-doctors can work 75+ hours per week and perserve their fabulous bodies. i see the point of a suggorgate mother, but for these reasons? hmmmm ...

as a once prego woman, and someone who is struggling to take off the baby weight ... i can see both sides to this. i think a woman should do what is best for her (and her significant other). i personally did not like being a pregnant woman, until the end when everyone, including strangers, wanted to do nice things for me. i had a great pregnancy for the most part. not too much morning sickness, mostly nausea until 12 weeks. no mad cravings forcing eric out of bed to the grocery store at 3 am. no stretch marks. i did not feel more than mild contractions, and i never had to dialate or "push" since i had a c-section.

i did however fall down the steps 4 times because my "center" was off, retained a pond of water, had HUGE swollen ankles, an appetite that would put most men to shame, insomnia, SCIATICA for weeks ... wow, that SUCKED! my boobs, oh they hurt really, really, really bad during and after! after hitting a DD i thought the only thing they could do was EXPLODE! there are other things that i will refrain from mentioning. despite all of that, i am glad for the experience, and am thankful that i was able to concieve and carry a healthy baby to term. especially since he is the cutest thing ever! i would do it again, but no more than 3 times. i am also open to adoption, and maybe even hiring a woman from mexico to perserve my soon-to-be-rock-hard-ab-hot-soccer-mom-body. i would at least pay a fair wage, and make sure it was the right thing for her as well.

some think the practice of hiring a woman from mexico is immoral. i am sure those people have never been pregnant. so i say, way to go chicas ... it may be easy for you during the pregnancy, but just wait until that lovely little bundle is screaming at 3 am and you haven't slept in days! it all balances out in the end. just something to ponder ...


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