Monday, November 21, 2005

where's zoe?

during pregnancy the illusive "they" say that you forget things ... that is true. 5 months after you have the baby, it does not seem to be much better.

everyday i have a routine ... it has helped me stay organized (which is somewhat of a sickness for me), and make sure that i feed my kid, dogs, shower, etc. little blocks of time when i do almost the same thing everyday at or around the same time. don't get me wrong ... i am not totally neurotic about it. i am flexible and have no problem when "shit happens", but it helps me stay on track for the most part.

this afternoon i fed my dogs, just like i do everyday around 4:45 pm. zoe in the garage, belle outside. they need to be kept separate because a) they are both biatches and b) after living in 4 houses they are still fighting for dominance. pain in the ass, and a blog of its own. anyway, then jack went down for a nap at 5:00 (he usually doesn't go down until 6pm). i enjoy the moment, enter internet land and eric comes home at 5:15 ... this is not like my husband, especially this time of year when he gets home much, much later. again, i enjoy the moment. things appear to be normal. we eat dinner, jack wakes, i let the dogs in ... belle, no zoe. this is weird. it is dark ... cold ... belle is happy and wants to play. where is zoe?

did someone steal her? my heart sank. then my mind started wondering ... it is so dark, she is black, what if she has been bitten by a rabid animal (because there are so many rabid animals in suburbia) and laying helpless in the yard and i could not see her? what if she dug herself out? had the bassett's next door eaten her? she is famous for whoring around the neighborhood, and digging under the fence. i get concerned, and figure i could go look for her, but we have been through this a million times ... you can't see zoe at night from a car. i walk out the front door ... i hear her ... but i cannot see her. i am confused ...

then the realization that i am an idiot sets in, and i saw the "you are such a dork" expression on eric's face. zoe was in the garage. i never let her out after feeding her 3 hours earlier. at least i got a great laugh at my own expense. zoe was pissed, and especially at belle who had gotten about 5 minutes more attention, but quickly got over it. i did too. this is why i stick to my routine.


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